About the Project

Thank you for visiting our self-supporting website aimed at people who might have some problem with compulsive gambling (including family members).

This website was created as an outcome of the project "First aid for Compulsive Gamblers and their Families" which has been supported by the EU Social Fund and National Budget of the Czech Republic.

Our collective goal is to build trustworthy website for gamblers and their families and provide overall informations, support, contacts and mediation in related services in Czech Republic. That is the reason why the website is in czech language.

If you are english speaking and dealing with gambling you can contact us directly. We can offer you consultation in English by phone or face to face in Brno (contact details below).

We are open to international cooperation and sharing knowledge and experiences about the compulsive gambling and the services for gamblers and their families (contact details below).

For more information about the project , please contact us:

Mgr. Pavlina Boxanova (project manager)

+420 777 363 045, boxanova@podaneruce.cz

Mgr. Sarka Licehammerova (psychologist)

+420 608 313 715, gambling@podaneruce.cz